Cross-Border Representation


In some cases, flagpoling can provide fast immigration services such as a work permit or new permanent residence status. These processes can happen on the spot, and are much quicker than traditional paper or online applications.

What is Flagpoling?

Flagpoling occurs when temporary residents of Canada cross the border, then immediately turn around to receive immigration services at a port of entry

The Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) has implemented service hours for processing confirmation of permanent residence, and work and study permit applications at designated Ports of Entry (POE). Make sure you review the hours and services of a particular POE before travelling there.

List of Highway/Land Border Offices

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Who can Flagpole?

The following can flagpole:
• Residents of visa-exempt countries with an LMIA-exempt job offer.
• Residents of visa-exempt countries in possession of a positive LMIA job offer.
• Residents of the U.S., St. Pierre & Miquelon and Greenland.
• Residents of visa-required countries already in possession of a study or work permit (flag poling for the purposes of renewal). 

Do I need a USA Visitor Visa?

You do not need a Visitor Visa to the United States in order to flagpole. However, there may be some adverse consequences of attempting to enter the United States without a non-immigrant visa.

Is Flagpoling illegal? What are the risks?

Flagpoling is an entirely legal process, however if you do not have a valid US Visitor Visa, there may be some adverse consequences of visiting the US border. In the future, if you attempt to obtain a US Visitor Visa, they may ask for information regarding your attempted entry at the time of flagpoling.

Although legal, CBSA has made attempts to limit the use of Flagpoling in order to avoid unnecessary delays or waiting times at the Points of Entry (POEs).

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