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Hiring a Foreign Worker

Hire a Foreign Worker for Your Registered Charity or Not-for-Profit (NFP) Organization

You may be able to hire a Foreign Worker without an LMIA. They can be outside of the country or already in Canada.

What does it mean to be LMIA Exempt?

Most companies need to get a Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) before a foreign worker applies for a work permit, which enables to them to legally work in Canada. An LMIA is a document from Employment and Social Development Canada (ESDC) that gives the employer permission to hire a temporary foreign worker. Essentially a positive LMIA means that there will not be a negative impact on the Canadian labour market as a result of hiring the foreign worker. The process for obtaining a positive LMIA can be long and expensive. Certain organizations, like Registered Charities and NFPs are able to take advantage of this is exemption and hire certain workers without LMIA through the International Mobility Program (IMB).

Hiring a Foreign Worker Through The International Mobility Program (IMP)

The International Mobility Program lets an employer hire a temporary foreign worker without a Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA).  This can be hugely beneficial to employers and workers alike, who may enjoy the easier hiring process.

Full List of International Mobility Program (IMP) Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) Exemption Codes:

R204: International agreements

  • Non-trade
  • Unique work situations:
    • Airline personnel (operational, technical and ground personnel)
    • United States government personnel
  • Trader (FTA)
  • Investor (FTA)
  • Professional/technician (FTA)
  • Intra-company transferee (FTA)
  • Spouse (Colombia or Korea FTA)
  • GATS professional
  • Investor (CETA)
  • Contractual service supplier (CETA)
  • Independent professional (CETA)
  • Intra-corporate (company) transferee (CETA)
  • Spouse (CETA)
  • Investor (CPTPP)
  • Intra-company transferee (CPTPP)
  • Professional or technician (CPTPP)
  • Spouse (CPTPP)

R205: Canadian interests

  • Significant benefit
  • Unique work situations:
    • Airline personnel (foreign airline security guards)
    • Interns with international organizations recognized under the Foreign Missions and International Organizations Act
    • Rail grinder operators, rail welders or other specialized track maintenance workers
    • Experts on mission, working for a United Nations office in Canada
    • Foreign physicians coming to work in Quebec
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Unique work situations:
    • Fishing guides (Canadian lakes)
    • Foreign camp owner or director, and outfitters
    • Foreign freelance race jockeys
  • Intra-company transferees (including GATS)
  • Unique work situations
    • Airline personnel (station managers)
  • Emergency repair or repair personnel for out-of-warranty equipment
  • Television and film production workers
  • Francophone mobility
  • Live-in caregivers whose permanent residence application is submitted
  • Caregivers whose permanent residence application is submitted under the Home Child Care Provider Pilot (HCCPP) or Home Support Worker Pilot (HSWP) (occupation-restricted open work permit)
  • Spouses and dependants at age of majority of caregivers whose permanent residence application is submitted under the HCCPP or HSWP
  • Bridging open work permits (BOWPs)
    • Caregivers under the HCCPP or HSWP
  • Unique work situations
    • Certain Quebec Selection Certificate (CSQ) holders currently in Quebec

R206: No other means of support

  • Refugee claimants
  • Persons under an unenforceable removal order

R207: Permanent residence applicants in Canada

  • Live-in-caregiver class
  • Spouse or common-law partner in Canada class
  • Protected persons under subsection A95(2)
  • Section A25 exemption (humanitarian and compassionate grounds)
  • Family members of the above

R207.1: Vulnerable workers

  • Vulnerable workers
  • Family member of vulnerable worker

R208: Humanitarian reasons

  • Destitute students
  • Holders of a temporary resident permit valid for a minimum of six months

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