OINP Entrepreneur Stream

The OINP Entrepreneur Stream is designed for business people from outside Canada looking to start a new business or buy an existing business in Ontario to obtain Canadian Permanent Residency. The province of Ontario encourages business people with the right skills, experience and education to apply for a nomination for permanent residence through an approved business investment.

Steps to Permanent Residency

  1. Register an Expression of Interest
  2. Attend a Mandatory Interview in Toronto
  3. Sign a Performance Agreement
  4. Arrive in Canada on a Work Permit
  5. Establish Your Business
  6. Apply for Permanent Residency

Who Qualifies for this program?

Applicants require the following:

  • A minimum of two years management experience or business experience within the five year period preceding the application;
  • Have a legally acquired personal net worth of CDN $400,000;
  • Commit to making an investment of CDN $200,000 into a new or existing business in Ontario, outside of the Greater Toronto Area.

Business Requirements

Successful applicants must:
• Start a new eligible business or buy an existing eligible business in Ontario;
• Be actively involved, on an ongoing basis, in the management of the business;
• Create at least one permanent full-time job for a Canadian within the first 20 months of establishing or acquiring the business,
• Maintain a place of business in Ontario at all times.

Let’s get started today!

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