Owner Operator (OO) LMIA

The “Owner-Operator LMIA” at its core is a variation to the minimum advertisement/recruitment requirements of an LMIA Application. It is designed for self-employed individuals looking to enter Canada’s labour market by establishing a business, with the end goal of immigrating permanently. The justification for the advertisement variation is that an Owner-Operator should not be required to hire a Canadian to fulfill the role they are occupying or intend to occupy. An Owner-Operator must have controlling interest in a business, meaning they are not answerable to anyone else.

Controlling interest 

Controlling interest of a business can be shown or established in one of three ways:

  1. Purchasing a business and be involved in its day-to-day operations;
  2. Hold a majority of shares in a Corporation ( at least 50.1% shares) or
  3. Confirm Majority Interest through official documentation

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