Appeals & Admissibility

Before The Immigration Appeal Division (IAD)

We can help with Appeals and Admissibility Cases. Don’t delay, call us right now.

Residency obligation appeal

Have you been found in breach of your residency obligation? We can appeal! Immigration Refugees and Citizenship Canada’s decision to remove your Permanent Resident status. Whether you have or have not been in Canada for the required 730 day period (out of every 5 years), you may still be able to keep your Permanent Resident Status. There are a number of reasons why a Permanent Resident should retain their status, including Humanitarian and Compassionate grounds.

Sponsorship appeals

If your spouse, parent or other family member has been refused by Immigration Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC), we can help. Unless the sponsor was refused on the basis of an individual being inadmissible to Canada on grounds of security, human or international rights violations, certain serious criminality, organized criminality or misrepresentation, you may be able to appeal.

Removal Order Appeals

Have you been issued a Removal Order? We can help appeal your decision and you may be able to remain in Canada. Removal orders are very serious, and time is of the essence. Once a Removal Order is received, you only have 30 days to file an appeal with the Immigration Appeal Division.

When it comes to an appeal, time is of the essence. Contact a professional right away.

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